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10 power tips on increasing sales from social media

Have you set-up your Facebook business page, Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram accounts? What next? Are you using them to grow sales or simply become another face in a crowded room? In this blog we will help you uncover some tips to improve your ecommerce via social media.

Create social-friendly images

There is no denying the importance of visuals in making an impact on social channels. But everyday brand or stick images are not too great in stirring social users into action. They need more authentic and well-crafted visuals.

Feature user content and reviews

Heard of UGC? User Generated Content is no longer a buzzword; it’s essential. It is content that is created and shared by your fans, followers, and customers on social platforms, either spontaneously or through contests or giveaways.


Monitor conversations about your business, industry and competitors. It sounds more complicated than it is; with a bunch of easy to use listening tools like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, TweetReach, Social Mention, Klout and more