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Not all water is created equal.

Just 1% of the world’s water source is accessible and 50% of that is drinkable. But a lot of drinkable water has been heavily processed with harsh chemicals, and is simply tap water with zero health properties.

Hydrating with pure water helps to combat the stresses and fatigue caused by modern living. Your body is your temple. And because it’s around 75% water, it makes sense to fuel it with high quality water. This pure water is sourced from the remote Southern Hemisphere island nation, New Zealand (NZ). Also known as Aotearoa, it translates to “Land of the Long White Cloud”.

NZ is one of the world’s last places with unspoilt nature and pure air and is known as one of the world’s “Top Clean Air Destinations”. Our air originates from virtually untouched Antarctica, with long white clouds forming over the country as this pure air hits land.

Our water is sourced from one of the purest places on earth, in a remote pristine forest. This naturally balanced ecosystem is a world away from urban pollution and human habitation.

Our water is artesian, which means it bubbles out of the ground naturally. It arrives clean, pure and safe, as nature intended it. No minerals are added or removed. Nature filtered this water to optimal alkalinity levels of pH8 to reduce acidity in the body and keep your blood oxygenated and healthy.

Keep your body hydrated with pure NZ Pristine alkaline water. It’s nature’s gift of good health.

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