07 Oct: Create social-friendly images

There is no denying the importance of visuals in making an impact on social channels. But everyday brand or stick images are not too great in stirring social users into action. They need more authentic and well-crafted visuals.

07 Oct: Feature user content and reviews

Heard of UGC? User Generated Content is no longer a buzzword; it’s essential. It is content that is created and shared by your fans, followers, and customers on social platforms, either spontaneously or through contests or giveaways.

07 Oct: Listen

Monitor conversations about your business, industry and competitors. It sounds more complicated than it is; with a bunch of easy to use listening tools like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, TweetReach, Social Mention, Klout and more

07 Oct: Get native chat

The ‘right-here, right-now’ modern consumers want instant answers. They’re not ones to wait overnight for your email responses. So brands have moved to native chatting – or conversational e-commerce, which uses the messaging services

07 Oct: Use live videos

Show the action as it happens. Live videos are a great way to build brand awareness and create a community. And as engagement statistics around video posts continue to shoot through the roof, live videos have become an affordable and easy way to create content.

07 Oct: Converse and engage

Now that you know where you want to go, start conversing online. While social media forms an important part of the consumer purchase cycle, your customers are not here with the intent to buy. Share and be helpful;


07 Oct: Set clear goals and objectives

If you want to get anywhere with your social channels, be very clear on what you want and set measurable goals accordingly. Your objectives could be to get more followers or fans, increase traffic from social channels to website or have a better ratio of visitors to conversions from social.